January 3, 2020

Reinke designs irrigation systems to be strong, and that alone is often the best reason to consider investing in these systems. But the benefits go way beyond strength and into the fact that Reinke has developed a superior product. The company accomplishes this through high-strength steel, which makes these systems among the most durable in Texas. The steel is a proprietary alloy that offers the same ease in welding and working as standard steel, and that is why it can produce irrigation systems with no equal in the market. If you are considering purchasing a Reinke system, here are four benefits to high-strength steel irrigation:

Thoroughly researched:
The steel used in Reinke irrigation systems is a result of decades of research and testing. More than 40 years ago, the company started searching for the best materials for irrigation systems. After testing many options, the choice became high-strength steel. Now all the pivots and lateral move systems use this material.

Steel won out over other materials due to its strength. Irrigation systems go through plenty of stress every season, from weather conditions to stampeding livestock. You never know what type of damage could occur, so the preference is for systems with good materials. High-strength steel is up to 50 percent stronger than the steel used in competitors’ systems. However, it is also not heavy and awkward. This stronger steel weighs 20 percent less, which is convenient considering the fact that irrigation systems are frequently moved around.

Better drivetrain:
Drivetrain and other required components wear out in time with heavier systems. Just as your knees may wear out as you gain weight, the same concept works with system weight and drivetrain. Reinke systems weight 6,000 pounds less than other systems. This eliminates up to three tons of soil-compacting weight. Less weight means less pressure on the drivetrain, and that allows it to work better. You will experience less downtime during the growing season, and avoid repair expenses linked to drivetrain issues.

Best value:
When you consider these elements all together, you end up with one large advantage—value. You enjoy the latest in steel technology, while also facing fewer impacts due to heavy use and wear and tear. You will experience fewer wheel tracks, part failures and maintenance needs. When you make this investment, you enjoy a much more dependable system that you can keep for the long term. Your days of spending exorbitant amounts on repair visits are gone.

The Reinke Electrogator II, Alumigator IV and Minigator E2045 are all designed with strength in mind, while also offering the advantages of reduced weight. All systems are formed by experience and service, and there are options for all agricultural applications.

B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. is a Reinke distributor in Texas, and we are proud to offer this high-end product. We would be happy to discuss what high-strength steel can add to your irrigation systems and improve your Texas growing seasons. Contact us today to learn more and arrange for an estimate.

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