In-Shop Pump Repair in Seminole, TX

B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. provides complete pump repair services on all sizes of pumps; whether those pump repairs are on domestic pumps or irrigation in the field. We can rebuild all line shaft turbine pumps and submersible pumps. We have a full time in shop machinist who will take care of all of your old or broken pumps and repair it. If your pump has already been pulled, bring it to us and we’ll have it repaired and ready to be set back into your well as soon as possible. If you need the pump down sized or up-sized in horsepower B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. carries all pump parts to do so.

Common Distress factors

Sand is the most common distress factor in pumps; it can severely damage your pump so you would need extensive repair, or as in some cases, complete destruction of the pump.

Air is also a common factor in the destruction of pumps. The pressure that is caused in the pump by air, has enough force to scratch into material of your pump, therefore causing intense damage to the inside of your pump, causing the pumping process to be disrupted and putting much strain on the pump. We repair pumps by completely taking them apart and inspecting the pump thoroughly so we can correctly diagnose the problem and fix or replace whatever part that might be causing the issue within your pump. If your pump has sustained too much damage, and it has to be replaced, B&M Pump Irrigation keeps a wide range of sizes also a variety of selections in stock for all of your irrigation needs.

What makes B&M Pump Irrigation different from its competitors? Our business operation is turn-key and family owned and operated. With our dedicated team, we keep all pump and parts in stock. Our employees have a great work ethic that enables B&M Pump Irrigation to complete the job with efficiency and professionally, unmatched by companies that provide similar services. We sell good quality products at a fair price. Contact us today for service in Seminole or Gaines County, TX, or anywhere in Texas and the American Southwest.