Winterization Procedure Irrigation Pump Part for Sale in Texas

  • Parking System: Park the System on a smooth surface out of the wheel ruts.  Also, park the System parallel to prevailing winds to avoid, as much as possible, the effects of damaging winds.Protect the drive train components from damage if livestock will be pastured during the off season.
  • Flushing/Draining the System:  Place the Disconnect Switch in the “OFF” position.  Only water is required for this procedure – the System does not need to move. Do not start the flushing procedure while the System is under water pressure.  Removing Sand Trap Caps while the System is under pressure can cause personal injury or death! Remove the Sand Trap Cap and pump water through the System.  This will flush out any foreign material that might plug the Sprinkler Heads or Sprinkler Valves.  Replace the Sand Trap. 
  • After flushing the System: check the function of the Low Pressure Drains by pushing each one upward in a rotating motion.  Low Pressure Drains are located on the bottom side of each Hook Joint, the Last Tower Top and on the End Boom Pipe. Freezing water in the pipe will result in structural damage that will not be covered under warranty. Sometimes water is trapped between the Well and the Pivot Bottom Elbow. Some means of drainage should be installed (if none exists) on or near the Check Valve and in the Underground Pipeline.
  • Lubrication: Grease fittings are located on the Power Tower Cart (Lateral Move only), on the Pivot (8), at any optional Steel U-joints (1 each), and on any Towable Gearboxes (2 each).  These fittings should be greased with good quality grease.  This will prevent corrosion and decrease the amount of moisture accumulation during the idle season. Check the oil level in the Center Drive and Towable Gearboxes.  Water condenses in the Gearboxes and should be drained.  The water may be drained by loosening the drain plug on the bottom.  When the plug is removed, if there is any water, it will be the first to drain out.  Do not  overfill any of these Gearboxes! Overfilling may result in seal damage.
  • Disconnect System Power: Turn OFF and LOCK all System and Well power disconnects. This is a good safety precaution and prevents unexpected starts.  For instance, Systems with Auto-Restart will activate by supplying power to the System when the Direction Switch is not in the OFF position. Generator Power Cords, Plugs, and Receptacles should be protected with waterproof covers.  Wrap the Cords up and hang them up off the ground.