Unique Pivot Design Irrigation Pump Part for Sale in Texas

Durable. Stable. Easy to maintain. These trademark features start with the advanced design of Reinke’s pivot.

  1. 8″ or 10″ riser pipe available, with eye level pressure gauge
  2. Friction reducing sweep elbow
  3. Legs: Durable 8″ x 3″ roll-formed C-channel leg
  4. High strength 18″ pivot center bearing
  5. Easy, adjustable cam ring or cam plate is available for precise control of end guns, auto stop or reverse controls
  6. Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum main control panel
  7. Stress relieving pivot flex joint standard on every pivot system
  8. Corrosion resistant aluminum collector reel
  9. Riser gasket seats against stainless steel surface for positive, long-lasting seal*
  10. Adjustable main control panel mount
  11. Friction reducing sweep bottom elbow
  12. Optional pivot center walkway

*Optional triple lip seals are available on low pressure installations.

Cam plate style attachment at the pivot center shown inset.

Pivot Point