Towables Irrigation Pump Part for Sale in Texas

We offer a broad range of options to add to your new lateral move or pivot for increased efficiency.

Two-Wheel Kwik Tow – Sets the standard for small field towable pivot systems.

Four-Wheel Pivot Mover – Quickly adapts to movement in any direction. Wheel hubs are mounted on base beams and can be quickly swiveled 90º. The quick hitch can be moved to any side for towing.

Reverse Tow Steering Linkage – Accurately guides intermediate towers when being towed in reverse. Available only on Reinke towable systems. A reverse Tow package allows standard towable systems to be towed from the pivot (forward) or from the end tower (reverse).

Towable Gearbox – Specially designed Reinke TNT towable gearbox is used on all Reinke towable systems.