Navigator GPS Irrigation Pump Part for Sale in Texas

Navigator Series of GPS Controls 

navigator GPS
The more accurate your irrigation system, the greater the results. To get everything you can out of your system, incorporate the Reinke Navigator Series of GPS Controls for end towers, lateral move systems and swing arm corners. The Navigator is designed for those situations that require extreme accuracy in timing and application in difficult-to-cover acreage.This advanced satellite-guidance technology can eliminate many problems producers face, including inaccurate end gun timing and the hazards of buried wire guidance. With features including Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) enabled technology and Real Time Kenematic (RTK) surveyor-grade equipment, the Navigator line provides reliable, accurate guidance and position information for your system.

End Tower Location

  • Better end gun control with all system configurations.
  • WAAS-enabled for unprecedented accuracy.
  • Add extra options without the expense of additional span cable.
  • Can be added to any system with a Reinke R.A.M.S. panel or PAC II timer.

Lateral Move System And Swing Arm Corner Guidance

  • Eliminates the need for buried wire, cable or furrow guidance.
  • Can be used on all Reinke lateral move systems.
  • One stationary receiver can operate multiple systems.
  • Surveyor-grade equipment.