Everything You Need to Know About Irrigation Wheel Gearboxes

June 6, 2019

How much do you know about irrigation system parts in Texas? Irrigation gearboxes are one of the essential components. If you’re going to maintain an irrigation system properly, it’s important to know what these parts do, which ones to buy and how to operate or repair them.
Following are a few of the top facts about these quality irrigation system parts in Texas. Use this guide as you shop for gearboxes, install them or operate your system:

  • High performance: Load capacity is an important factor when considering irrigation wheel gearboxes for your system. The load capacity indicates the amount of load applied to the gearbox before significant wear begins. For high-level performance, Reinke wheel gearboxes are the way to go. Reinke outperforms many other brands, due to its high load capacity and longevity.
  • Capacity: Another test of the quality of an irrigation wheel gearbox is the load capacity test. This measures the load amount that can be applied to the gearbox before it begins to make noise. The noise is what signifies that extreme wear has begun. Torque gears are important to provide quiet, consistent operation of irrigation wheel gearboxes.
  • Torque: Gears such as those produced by Reinke offer high load capacities due to their high torque. As you select irrigation system parts in Texas, look for those with these qualities that will deliver the long-term high performance you desire.
  • Longevity: How long have your previous irrigation wheel gearboxes lasted? Those that suffer less wear due to high-quality components and innovative designs will deliver longer lifespans. Reinke gearboxes outperform the competition to provide the longevity you desire.
  • Heat: Quality parts remain cool under pressure. Reinke gearboxes operate several degrees cooler on average than others. This means the system is producing less excess heat and is instead directing its energy into your irrigation system.
  • Warranty: A quality product is backed by a quality warranty. Look for lengthy warranties in both years and hours of performance as you choose irrigation system parts in Texas. Offering a 10-year or 16,000-hour warranty, Reinke offers the level of protection you would expect from a high-performance product. Protect your system with a good warranty. Don’t settle for less than the best, or you may regret it down the line.
  • Integration: Of course, you’ll need more than just an irrigation wheel gearbox to run your system. When you need a complete selection of irrigation system parts in Texas, look to your local supplier to get the quality parts you need. By combining quality components, you can create a reliable, efficient system.

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