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Your Irrigation Can Go Digital with Reinke’s RC10 System

May 21, 2020

By now, we’re all used to being able to browse the internet and send messages to anyone, anywhere, from the tiny computers in our pockets. Now imagine being able to monitor your fields and control your irrigation systems from anywhere in the world, simply by using your cell phone or... View Article

Get Precise Remote Irrigation Management with ReinCloud

May 7, 2020

Technology is making it easier for farmers to keep an eye on their fields, whether they’re at home or even in a different state. The innovative Reinke ReinCloud system allows you to remotely manage your Texas irrigation system from a smart device, making it possible to precisely monitor your fields... View Article

Benefits of Single-Leg Tower Design

February 14, 2020

The options that exist on the irrigation products market are diverse and multi-faceted. Their functions vary widely and can mean different things to different customers. Our team can take you through what your potential needs might be, as this can help you understand more of what you’re looking for and... View Article

Why Reinke Is Built to Last

February 14, 2020

Customers today can be overwhelmed by the choices they have in irrigation systems. There are more products on the market than ever before, and differentiating between them can be a chore unto itself—who has the time? There are flow rates to consider, warranties and longevity of different products. All of... View Article

Unique Flex Joint Structure: The Reinke Advantage

January 31, 2020

Not all irrigation systems are created equal. Reinke’s commitment to innovation and quality results in systems that offer unique advantages. The company’s unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas is one of those advantages. Here’s the FAQ on this industry-leading product. What is unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas?This... View Article

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