What Is a Submersible Motor?

September 12, 2022

Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, which means it is vital to have a variety of mechanisms that can work while submerged in water. One of these machines is a submersible motor. 

A submersible motor is quite literally an electric motor that is fully operational after it has been placed in liquid. Submersible motors are mostly found in different types of pumps, including sump pumps and pumps used in water wells.

In order for a submersible motor to function properly, all of its electrical connections have to be made watertight. In most cases, a submersible motor is housed in a rubber sock to help keep the electrical parts of the motor dry. The sock also helps the motor operate for longer periods of time by protecting it from water damage. The sock can be removed when the submersible motor is taken out of the water for repairs or servicing and then put back on before the motor is submerged again. Most submersible motors are designed to work for years at a time, especially if they are properly maintained and serviced.

What Are Submersible Motors Used For?

Submersible motors are mostly used for pumps for a variety of purposes. Submersible pumps are typically incredibly efficient and do not require as much power as other types of pumps since they push liquid toward a surface rather than pulling water in. The most common types of submersible pumps are:

Water Wells

A submersible pump is what is used to extract water from wells. In this instance, the pump is sent to the bottom of a well and then a hose that has been fitted to the pump sends water up through the hose and out of the well.

Sump Pumps

These types of pumps are placed in homes, typically in a basement, and function much like a toilet valve functions. When the pit that the sump pump is in fills with water, the pump activates and sends the water up through the plumbing and out to the sewer. The larger the building, the more sump pumps it is likely to have.

Sewage Pumps

Submersible motor pumps are often used for pumping out septic tanks. The sewage is then put into a tank for storage and delivered to a treatment facility.

Oil Pumps

The oil industry uses submersible motor pumps to remove oil from the ground from both inland and offshore oil wells.

Industrial Pumps

The use of submersible pumps on construction sites is very common. These types of pumps are a necessity to remove water from work pits or basements that have been flooded.  

Borehole and Deep Well Pumps

A borehole pump can gather water from significant depths into holding tanks. It can also be used in agriculture to pump water and provide it for irrigation systems.

Consumers can find and purchase submersible motors at local home improvement stores and online. Higher grade or industrial type motors can be found through distributors. 

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