An Introduction to Reinke ReinCloud Technology

October 9, 2019

Irrigation technology is rapidly advancing, and ReinCloud software in Texas is at the forefront of innovation. This cutting-edge solution is transforming the way farmers manage their agriculture. With Reinke irrigation in Texas, new opportunities are quickly opening up for property owners. Read on to discover the capabilities of this impressive software:

  • Remote management: ReinCloud software in Texas makes remote management of irrigation possible. Users of this interface can adjust irrigation from anywhere, at any time. Farmers no longer have to wait until they are available to visit the fields or come home to access data. They can check the status day and night, whenever and wherever is most convenient.
  • Moisture monitoring: Reinke irrigation in Texas includes moisture probes that report the amount of water needed. Farmers can check these monitors remotely and adjust irrigation when necessary. This prevents the loss of critical irrigation time.
  • Device access: ReinCloud is accessible through your mobile device, whether tablet, laptop, smartphone or computer. With the latest application technology, ReinCloud allows farmers to use mobile apps to access data and manage irrigation with ease, 24/7. With one swipe, you can start and stop equipment, change pump settings or alter irrigation direction. It’s that easy.
  • Property organization: For those who are managing multiple properties, Reinke irrigation in Texas is ideal. The software allows you to organize your irrigation by zone, property and specific equipment. You can divide your assets however you prefer, to efficiently keep track of all equipment in one place.
  • Dashboard use: If you need to check up on your operations, a user-friendly dashboard provides updates on everything at a glance. Quickly view sensor data information, irrigation equipment controls, weather and more, to guide important decisions about land management while on the go. You can also customize this dashboard to include the aspects that are most important to your operations.
  • Data viewing: Use maps, detailed graphs and other data options to easily view your irrigation equipment and status. Select the formats that are best for you, so you constantly know how your irrigation is doing.
  • Data sharing: If you need to share data with others, it’s easy with ReinCloud software in Texas. Share what you want, when you want, with whom you want. The apps make this quick and easy. You can also set your system to notify you of important data via text, email and voice applications.
  • Weather forecasts: Stay up to the minute on weather forecasts in your area with this technology. Receive forecasts and updates so you can properly adjust your irrigation based on the weather.

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