What You Should Know About Reinke Advanced Plus

October 16, 2019

As a leading innovator in irrigation solutions, Reinke continues to advance its offerings to improve convenience and outputs. The latest development in their software solutions is Reinke Advanced Plus in Texas. With this updated Reinke control panel in Texas, farmers can take their irrigation monitoring to the next level. Here’s an overview of this impressive product.


The Reinke Advanced Plus in Texas features a customizable interface. A full 4.3” color touch-screen provides an easy-access display. With touch buttons including start, stop, forward and reverse, it’s easy to perform standard operating functions. Because the interface is customizable, the user can decide what is displayed on the screen and program it to suit his or her operational needs.

The Advanced Plus can also connect remotely to other ReinCloud software, for operation and monitoring. With ReinCloud access, users can operate the system with any remote internet connected device. Farmers can receive notifications and perform functions through the system from virtually anywhere, any time.

Additional features of the Reinke control panel in Texas include temperature restart, pressure restart and electronic flow meter input. Farmers can also control independent pumps. Optional features include record keeping and pressure transducer.


In addition to these convenient features, the Reinke Advanced Plus in Texas comes with a five-year warranty. Reinke stands behind its product, so the farmer can have peace of mind that his or her investment is in good hands. For more information about this warranty, contact the team at B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc.


Using this advanced system, irrigation managers can reap several benefits. First is increased yields. The display allows farmers to program the panel to maximize irrigation for best results. It also monitors the input of water, which further increases yields. By improving field outputs, profits are increased, which can lead to further expansion of acreage and continued increases in profits. Success breeds success.


Reinke Advanced Plus in Texas is available in a variety of formats. Farmers can obtain this Reinke Control Panel in Texas as part of a new system installation, as a panel replacement or as an upgrade to an existing panel. Consult with an equipment specialist to determine which solution makes the most sense for your setting.


Other systems that offer the same or even fewer features are not feasible for most budgets. At a fraction of the cost, farmers can start reaping the benefits of this incredible system. The system itself offers savings, and its performance provides additional savings, as crops receive the proper amount of irrigation and are less likely to suffer from lack of moisture or too much moisture. It’s a win-win.

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