Unique Flex Joint Structure: The Reinke Advantage

January 31, 2020

Not all irrigation systems are created equal. Reinke’s commitment to innovation and quality results in systems that offer unique advantages. The company’s unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas is one of those advantages. Here’s the FAQ on this industry-leading product.

What is unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas?
This flex joint hook and receiver design is a pipe that allows rotational movement and flexibility in the irrigation system. The joint is located inside the pipe, keeping the pipe aligned while also flexing for rotational movement.

Why is the joint located internally?
Other irrigation manufacturers place a ball-hitch coupler on the exterior. However, the center of a cylinder is the best place to achieve rotation. Reinke’s central flex joint allows the pipe to remain aligned, which eliminates excessive stretching and enhances the joint’s longevity. By locating the flex joint hook and receiver where the pipe meets the tower, it provides unequaled rotational movement and flexibility

What is the advantage of unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas?
The flexibility this design offers allows your irrigation system to cover diverse terrain. You don’t have to worry about hills on your property. This design allows for minimal impact on water flow. As a result, your irrigation system provides an effective watering solution for challenging terrain.

Does the flex joint affect water flow?
Yes, the joint does affect water flow, but the effects are minimal. Because this system doesn’t require misshapen span water-hose connections or other flow-drilled couplers, which disrupt water flow in other systems, the overall result is more effective irrigation.

Has this system been tested?
Yes, this unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas has performed well during research testing. Clemson University tested this joint, pitting it against an external ball-hitch coupler developed by a competitor. The two types of systems were tested at a 15-degree slope and flat alignments. The ball-hitch coupler suffered a 1.75 PSI pressure drop at the 15-degree slope, while the Reinke internal flex joint’s reduction was a mere 0.5 PSI.

Where can I purchase Reinke’s unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas?
For the best irrigation solutions for your property, partner with a local professional who specializes in irrigation systems for your area. These specialists can evaluate your irrigation needs and recommend the best system for your setting. Look for a company with experience, personalized service and quality products.

Enjoy the advantage
To reap the benefits of the Reinke advantage, contact the team at B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. We are your professional irrigation specialists. Our services include complete pump service, water well service, system design and pivot systems. We strive to educate owners and operators on making pumps and motors last longer and work more efficiently. We sell only quality products, offer them at a fair price and stand behind every product we sell. Give us a call today to speak with one of our service experts about unique internal flex joint irrigation in Texas and other products that will keep your water systems operating optimally and keep your fields looking great.

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