Why Reinke Offers the Best Warranty in the Industry

January 22, 2020

When you buy a product, you want to know that it works. You can ask colleagues and read online reviews, but the only way to know is to try it for yourself. If you find the product isn’t working as you hoped or needs repairs before you’ve gotten your full use from it, you want protection like Reinke’s wheel gearbox warranty in Texas.

According to an independent study, the Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 wheel gearbox is a new industry standard. It outperformed a competitor’s 8000 model gearbox and Reinke’s own standard 740-U wheel gearbox. The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox outperforms the competition in wheel gearbox load capacity and in longevity for electric center pivots and laterals.

Because the Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox is so impressive, and the company is so sure of its quality, they’re offering a 10-year or 16,000-hour wheel gearbox warranty in Texas on this product.

Powerful load capacity

The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox is truly the strong, silent type. During the independent test, the first thing evaluators gauged was the average gearbox load capacity. The load capacity is the amount of load the wheel gearbox can handle before it begins to groan under the weight. Hearing this noise isn’t a good sign, as it means the wheel gearbox may start to experience extreme wear. The more load the wheel gearbox can handle, the more you can accomplish without damaging your product.

Because of the Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox’s new high-torque gears, it was able to handle a greater load capacity than its competitors. It averaged a 26,000-inch pounds of load capacity before it began to groan. That’s 22 percent more load capacity than the closest competitor can handle, and much more than the basic Reinke-UMC 740-U model.

Increased wheel gearbox life

The test also evaluated the average accelerated gearbox life. This test is what determines the approximate life of the gears assuming constant overload conditions. The average life is calculated based on the gear wear that occurs from the test. Once again, the Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox outperformed the 740-U model. It experienced only half the gear wear its competitor saw during the same test. Neither of the other models had an average accelerated life of longer than 10,000 hours.

The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD wheel gearbox, meanwhile, had an average accelerated life of nearly 20,000 hours under constant overload conditions. That makes Reinke’s wheel gearbox warranty in Texas truly impressive because it covers your purchase for virtually the entire expected life of the product.

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