Why Reinke Is Built to Last

February 14, 2020

Customers today can be overwhelmed by the choices they have in irrigation systems. There are more products on the market than ever before, and differentiating between them can be a chore unto itself—who has the time? There are flow rates to consider, warranties and longevity of different products. All of these factors and more need to be studied and understood before a knowledgeable customer commits to an irrigation brand that’s right for them. Fortunately, Reinke’s longevity in Texas is crucial for customers. It can make your search for better irrigation equipment a breeze.

Why Reinke?

Reinke products are, quite simply, built to last, and we stand proudly behind each and every product that the company makes. Reinke longevity in Texas is due to a number of factors. Reinke pivots typically last at least a generation, and if anything ever goes wrong (which is extremely unlikely), then dealers will offer you the level of service that you might expect at a premium car dealership. Any failure in the product is something that we are eager to address. Reinke products are built using high-strength steel, leading to first-rate products that are strong and durable. The warranty is also second to none, and allows for us to stand behind all pieces that are produced.

A warranty unlike others

Reinke warranties are industry leaders and are a big reason that customers all over the region are committing to the company’s products more and more frequently. Reinke warranties allow you to have complete confidence in your irrigation system. They are already some of the most reliable and long-lasting products in the industry, so you’re starting from a point of confidence and steadfastness.
Next, you can rest assured that even if a Reinke product does malfunction or break, the company is second to none in its responsiveness in making it right. Reinke longevity in Texas is something that we do not take lightly, and our team at B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. is proud to offer their products.

Commitment to quality

Reinke products are manufactured directly by the company itself, which is something that is not to be taken for granted in the irrigation industry. All parts have a five-year minimum warranty, and many have warranties that are much longer. The 10/16 wheel gearbox, for example, boasts a 10 year/16,000 hour warranty, which is the longest in the entire industry. Pipes are covered for corrosion protection for two decades, and V-ring seals are under warranty for a quarter century. It all adds up to a warranty program that you will not be able to beat, no matter how much research you do into competitors.

Reinke longevity in Texas is one of the surest bets you can make in the irrigation supply industry. Their products are built to last and they stand behind each and every one of them. The team at B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. would be proud to walk you through your options so you can have confidence in your irrigation options for years to come. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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