Reinke Swing Arm Irrigation Gets You Maximum Coverage

June 30, 2020

Watering all of your acreage with a center pivot irrigation system can be a challenge. Swing arm irrigation often waters in circular patterns, leaving corners dry or overwatered, depending on your setup. When you’re irrigating a cash crop, leaving those corners to chance can significantly affect your growth and profit.

Reinke has the answer for your irrigation systems in Texas and beyond. The Reinke Electronic Swing Arm Corner (ESAC) is designed to be used in conjunction with conventional swing arm irrigation setups, virtually eliminating the over- or underwatering problem across your entire field.

How the Reinke Electronic Swing Arm Corner is different

The ESAC system isn’t just for rectangular or square fields—it’s designed to help farmers manage water application precisely, no matter the shape of the field. The system has either six or 12 sprinkler zones, which farmers can electronically control. This allows water and chemicals to be applied in exactly the right volume. You’ll never have to worry about your corners and other hard-to-reach areas again, or plant in round fields to eliminate waste.

The ESAC system works with all Reinke swing arm models, and uses GPS technology to locate and water the precise areas your traditional system may have missed. Use it with the other swing arms, including the two mini, medium and super models, which allow you to water a span of up to 318 feet in one go.

The president of Reinke, Chris Roth, stated that the ESAC was designed to “help producers grow more with less.” For environmentally- and cost-conscious farmers, the ESAC is one of the most useful innovations to come along in recent years.

Advantages of swing arms and center pivot irrigation

If you’re considering building a new irrigation system or upgrading your existing one, center pivot irrigation is a precise and easy way to water your fields with a minimum amount of human labor required. They’re also a fast way to get the water and chemical coverage you need. Reinke’s electronically-operated systems make it simple to water your fields based on zones, whether you need your swing arm and swing arm corners to make full circles or only want to water a portion of your fields.

Center pivot systems also tend to use less water than other irrigation systems—their nozzles rarely get clogged, have adjustable heights and are designed to reduce the potential for surface runoff. That means you’ll see less soil erosion and puddling by using this system, and can tailor your watering or chemical applications in accordance with plant growth.

Is a Reinke ESAC right for your center pivot irrigation? Talk to the team at B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. today. Since 2001, we have been serving the greater Southwestern U.S. with quality irrigation products. Our Reinke selection in Texas is unbeatable—let our experts help you find the right Reinke parts and systems for your fields, and teach you how to maintain them to maximize their lifespan. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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