Reinke’s Single-Leg Tower: The Best in the Business!

June 2, 2020

A single-leg tower is a kind of pivot that has a single piece of steel that connects the wheel base to the pipe. This is the kind of profile that is used on a modern Reinke pivot, and it’s helped Reinke earn the distinction of having the best single-leg tower in the business in Texas and beyond.

Most of Reinke’s competitors have pivots that feature a profile that will resemble an isosceles triangle. You’ll have a couple pieces of metal of equal length that connect the wheelbase to the top of the tower, with multiple metal bars that run between those pieces. This is a kind of structure referred to as a double-angle leg tower. However, we strongly believe in the concept of a single-leg tower, not just for simplicity, but for better overall structural strength and integrity.

A history of innovation

The single-leg tower is just one of many innovations developed by Reinke founder Richard Reinke. Many of the tools, designs and concepts used in the world of mechanized irrigation got their start with Mr. Reinke’s own methods of innovation and mechanical engineering.

The single-leg tower’s roots stretch back more than 40 years. Reinke was tasked with developing a new, more reliable way of designing system towers. The single-leg tower was found to have a much higher strength than the company’s standard double-angle iron leg tower it had been using in most applications. The shift to the single-leg tower was a major innovation and turning point for Reinke, which then began focusing on using high-strength, low-alloy steel materials for all of its systems to get the benefits of both reduced weight and increased structural integrity.

Benefits of single-leg design

There are a variety of reasons why the single-leg tower makes a better design than the double-angle competition. Reinke’s use of the design helps to eliminate more than 600 pounds of weight across an application when compared to a span of equal length and pipe diameter in competitors. When you think of how much soil compaction that extra weight could cause, the elimination of that weight becomes even more of a benefit.

Reinke also chooses only the best materials for its single-leg towers. The C-Channel leg uses the strongest steel available, helping it to eliminate any requirement for cross bracing and thus creating another avenue through which the design can eliminate unnecessary weight. The bottom of the trussing will feature galvanized stiffeners, which helps reduce stress and strain on water pipes so it will instead be distributed evenly across an entire span. A water pipe that doesn’t have as much stress will last for a much longer period of time and will not have to deal with as much maintenance.

All of these benefits yield better water application, and allow a pivot to easily pass through taller crops without causing any damage.

For more information about the Reinke single-leg tower and how it is beneficial for large-scale irrigation service in Texas, reach out to B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. today.

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