Center Pivot or Linear Irrigation: Which Is Best?

August 3, 2020

When you’re working on cultivating vibrant, thriving crops, it’s only natural to spend some time wondering about how best to get water to them. After all, if you’re a farmer in Texas and you’re not actively working on an irrigation strategy, you could soon be looking at failure. When you start thinking about irrigation on a massive scale, the conversation will inevitably come to a choice between one of two options: linear or center pivot irrigation in Texas?

Which one of the two is right for your field? Read on to find out.

How does linear irrigation work?

The ideal option for square or rectangular fields, linear irrigation sees a line of sprinklers spread across the width of your crops. These sprinklers are held up and moved back and forth across the field by a pair of wheels powered by strong motors.

How does center pivot irrigation work?

For fields with an irregular shape, center pivot irrigation may be ideal. In center pivot irrigation in Texas, water is pumped from a local water source into a tower at the center of your field. A line of sprinklers is connected to the central tower on one end and a pair of wheels powered by a motor on the other. As the engine propels the sprinklers forward, they pivot around the central tower in a circular motion.

Though newer on the market, center pivot irrigation is considered the pinnacle of agricultural irrigation systems.


In the modern world, every business owner and homeowner must be conscious of how much water they’re using. It’s more crucial than ever to use the precise amount of water required to nurture your crops without going overboard. Center pivot irrigation allows you exact control over your water use, and produces less waste.


As a business owner, you understand the immense value of saving money. Saving money goes hand in hand with installing a center pivot system. One operator can capably control up to 25 pivot points, which means lower labor costs and a better return on your initial investment.

When adequately maintained, center pivot irrigation lasts longer than the alternatives, too.

Complete control

The best part about a state-of-the-art center pivot irrigation system is the user’s ability to remotely control the flow of water onto their crops. You can ensure that your land is getting the perfect amount of water, every time.

Irrigate the right way

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