Things to Remember During Irrigation

January 25, 2021

When it comes to irrigation in Texas, there are some clear dos and don’ts to remember. The better you follow them, the better results you’ll get—from lush lawns to healthy crops, irrigation is the key to growing great plants. This is especially important if you’re using irrigation to water a variety of plants, like trees, shrubs and grass in a commercial or residential landscape. The better you take care of your plants, the less stress they’ll undergo. Help your plants and crops survive longer by following these easy tips.


Here are some things to make sure you do if you want to get the most out of your irrigation system:

  • Opt for long soaks instead of light watering: Frequent light watering is not as effective as a thorough, long soak from your irrigation system. Luckily, you won’t have to stand outside and water your plants for hours—you can set timers for that. Try to provide at least one inch of irrigation per week. The amount of water this will require depends on how large of an area you’re irrigating.
  • As the heat increases, up your irrigation: It might be cool in Texas right now, but the mercury will start rising sooner than you expect. When the weather gets hot, your irrigation system can help you keep up with demand. Even a good, long soak will evaporate faster than you realize—monitor the soil dampness daily until you have an idea of how often you’ll need to irrigate your land.
  • Use irrigation bags for new trees: If you have a new tree on your property, use a gator bag. They can deliver up to 15 gallons of water to a new tree, over a period of hours. This lets your new tree soak up as much water as it needs without flooding the area.
  • Use mulch: Finally, make sure to mulch your property appropriately, when applicable. If you have a commercial or residential garden, using mulch can help the soil retain that all-important moisture.


Here are the top three things not to do with your irrigation in Texas:

  • Let the water run off: If you’re watering by hand or with an irrigation system and notice that water is running off, stop right away. That’s a waste of water, and it won’t help your plants. Give the water time to soak into the ground so it can reach the roots as needed.
  • Water when it’s hot: If you water right in the middle of the day in the hot Texas summer, most of your water will be lost to evaporation instead of helping your tree. Water in the mornings and evenings for the best possible results.
  • Ignore signs of stress: If your plants are showing signs of dehydration and stress, even if you’re watering them perfectly, don’t ignore it. Talk to a gardening or crop expert and readjust your irrigation system so they’re getting enough water.

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