Winter Well Tips and Tricks for Colder Weather

October 31, 2022

Winterization of wells is something that not many homeowners consider. However, preparing your well for the winter is vital. Without taking the necessary steps, you could end up with frozen pipes, broken parts, and more. The following is some helpful info for keeping your well up to par for the harsh weather.  

How does well water work in winter seasons?

Well water can work fine as long as the homeowner does something to protect the system from freezing if the temperature reaches a dangerous point. It’s entirely possible for you to go through the whole winter with no adverse issues if you take a few precautionary steps before the season starts. 

How To Prepare Your Well for Winter Months

These are some helpful tips for preparing for the winter season:

Build a protective well house for the pump.

If you have an overground pump, you’ll need to keep an eye out for possible freezing conditions. Some homeowners attempt to prevent that from happening by building an insulated covering for their pipes. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. All you need is something to put on top of the pipe to keep it warm enough not to freeze. 

Check and protect your pipes. 

You’ll also need to do a few things to take care of your pipes. First, you’ll need to inspect them and check for obvious cracks, rust, and other issues. Alternatively, you can call a certified professional and have that person inspect your pipes for you. It’s best to pinpoint all possible problems before the most difficult season starts rather than to wait for it and get caught off guard once it’s here. 

You can get involved in protecting your pipes by providing insulation for them. This statement is especially true if some of your pipes are in the basement and other such hidden places. Fiberglass and rubber casings will help to keep the pipe temperatures warm enough to keep moving the water when it gets cold during the season. 

Doing a little cleaning before winter may also be a good idea. For example, you can shut the valve off, connect a compressor, and blow them out to get any debris out. Doing that task will keep the flow going strong and will help you to reduce the likelihood of experiencing pipe freezing. 

Get ready for power outages.

You must consider it a possibility that your town may suffer a power outage. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare so that it doesn’t catch you off guard and leave you with no hot water. You can purchase an inexpensive portable generator and some gas so that you can get things up and running if anything goes wrong. 

Another tip for power outage preparation is to have plenty of water stocked up in your home. That way, you will have fresh water to survive on for days or weeks amid an outage. 

Try the above-mentioned steps to keep your system working well at all times of the year. You will most likely have an amazing season if you prepare. 

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