Column Pipes – What Are They Used For? 

February 13, 2023

Column pipes are a hollow tube, typically made from lead-free UPVC, that is used for extracting and transporting fluids. These pipes are available in different diameters and lengths, depending on the depth of the borewell. They are ideal for various applications in domestic borewells, submersible pumps, agriculture irrigation, and industrial operations. 


Borewells are vertically drilled wells that are used to extract water for various purposes. They are often a lifeline for countless people who live in rural or urban areas. To extract groundwater, borewells need to be equipped with a reliable and efficient submersible pump fitted with high-quality column pipes. These pipes must be strong and durable to handle pump heat, water pressure, operational shocks and other factors that can damage the pipe and cause failure. 


Irrigation is a method of applying water to plants in an effort to promote their growth and increase the yield of crops. It is a process where water is pumped through a system that is designed to provide the right amount of pressure to each plant in a field. This method often includes the usage of column pipes and/or piped networks to deliver water to the plants. And while irrigation is usually supplementary to rainfall, it can be ‘full irrigation’ whereby the crops do not depend on rainfall for their water supply. 

Water Supply 

Water is one of the most vital resources that people require for their everyday activities. However, in these times of environmental crises and severe global warming, finding a reliable source of water has become increasingly difficult. Column pipes are a solution to this problem. They can be used to extract groundwater from borewells and tubewells for drinking, irrigation, and other uses. Being manufactured from uPVC and easily installable in submersible pumps, these pipes can withstand both the internal hydrostatic pressure and the tensile load caused by the pump load, cable load, and column water pressure and weight. They also come with a lock (patent pending) that ensures perfect alignment of the pipes. It helps in preventing slippage and stress from the pump. It also reduces friction and enables greater flow of water. 


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