Don’t Keep Your Farm In The Past: Why Center Pivot Is Better Than Drip Irrigation

October 1, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for farmers to maximize their yield and efficiency. One key aspect of modern farming is irrigation, and in this blog post, we will delve into the debate between two popular irrigation methods – center pivot and drip irrigation. While both techniques have their merits, we will discuss why center pivot irrigation stands out as the better option for farmers looking to optimize their crop growth and water usage.

1. Maximizing Water Coverage:
a. Maximum Coverage with Center Pivot:
One of the primary advantages of center pivot irrigation is its ability to provide consistent water coverage over large areas. The expansive circular motion of the system ensures that virtually every inch of the field is reached, effectively distributing water evenly. This prevents certain areas from being over-irrigated or leaving dry spots, leading to improved crop growth and reduced water waste.

b. Limited Coverage with Drip Irrigation:
On the other hand, drip irrigation relies on a network of tubing and emitters placed near the plants, providing water directly to the roots. While this method works well for smaller gardens or specialty crops, it falls short when large-scale production is the goal. Drip irrigation often requires multiple emitters per plant, making it more complicated and time-consuming to install and maintain compared to center pivot systems.

2. Operational Efficiency:
a. Labor and Maintenance:
Center pivot irrigation systems require minimal labor and maintenance once properly installed. These systems are designed to operate automatically, minimizing the need for on-site monitoring. This allows farmers to focus on other important tasks, optimizing their overall operational efficiency.

b. Labor-Intensive Drip Irrigation:
Drip irrigation systems, on the other hand, demand significantly more labor and maintenance. Since emitters are placed near each individual plant, blockage or malfunction of an emitter can cause plants to go without water, potentially harming crop production. Additionally, drip systems require frequent inspections for leaks, tubing damage, and other issues, necessitating regular labor input from the farmer or their team.

3. Scalability and Flexibility:
a. Large-Scale Farming Benefits:
Center pivot irrigation is a scalable solution that can be easily adapted to farms of any size. The ability to irrigate hundreds of acres with a single system greatly increases efficiency, allowing farmers to utilize larger portions of their land for cultivation rather than dedicating space to excessive irrigation infrastructure.

b. Limited Applicability of Drip Irrigation:
While drip irrigation works adequately for small portions of land, it often becomes less viable and cost-effective as the farm size grows. The need for multiple emitters, tubing, and pressure regulators can quickly become expensive and logistically complex on larger farms. As a result, drip irrigation may not be a suitable option for farmers looking to expand their production capacity.

4. Water Conservation:
a. Efficient Water Utilization:
In an age where water conservation is of utmost importance, center pivot irrigation proves to be a more efficient water utilization technique. By applying water uniformly across the field, center pivot systems prevent excess irrigation, minimizing runoff and reducing the overall water consumption. The precise control offered by center pivot systems reduces water waste, making it an eco-friendly alternative for farmers.

b. Higher Water Consumption of Drip Irrigation:
Drip irrigation systems are known to consume more water due to the proximity of the emitters to the plant roots. While this technique reduces water loss through evaporation, the slow release of water often causes higher rates of plant absorption. As a result, drip irrigation systems may require more water input to maintain the desired moisture levels, making them less sustainable in regions with limited water resources.

In the debate between center pivot and drip irrigation, it is clear that center pivot irrigation emerges as the superior choice for farmers seeking modern and efficient irrigation techniques. With its ability to provide maximum water coverage, operational efficiency, scalability, and water conservation benefits, center pivot irrigation offers farmers an effective solution to maximize their yield while reducing water wastage. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, farmers can ensure their farms remain resilient and competitive in the ever-changing agricultural landscape.

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