Complete Spring Preventative Maintenance with Help from Your Irrigation System Company in Texas

May 21, 2019

What’s on your to-do list this spring? Along with spring cleaning and garden prep, you should add spring preventative maintenance. If your list is getting long, don’t worry—your irrigation system company in Texas is here to help.

We are offering great deals on the products you need this spring. Once you’re properly equipped, you can fly through your task list and be ready for the season in no time. Following are a few of the key items you may want to put on your shopping list this spring:

  • Hoses: What could be more essential to proper irrigation each season than hoses? It’s common to require more than one hose to get the job done right. You may need various lengths or weights. We offer a variety of drop hoses to meet all your irrigation needs.
  • Wheels: Looking for a recap tire or galvanized wheel? Whether your equipment needs new tires or you need these products for other uses, we have the quality selection you’re looking for this spring.
  • Sprinkler lube: Get a five-gallon bucket of sprinkler lube to keep your irrigation system in top working order. Sprinkler lube provides anti-wear protection, extreme pressure protection, superior rust and corrosion protection, water resistance, longer lubricant life, longer seal life, protection against gear scoring, longer gearbox life and less seal leakage.
  • Gears: We offer a variety of long and short gears from industry-leading brands. Be sure to complete a thorough inspection of your irrigation system to determine if you need to repair or replace any gears before you begin operating your system this season.
  • Center drive: Is your center drive operating optimally? Perform spring maintenance by checking this component and replacing if needed. We offer quality center drives at affordable prices.
  • Universal U-joints and universal couplers: Don’t forget the connection points as you complete your spring maintenance. Your irrigation system company in Texas offers the joints and couplers you need to keep your system running smoothly all season.
  • Reinke pump parts: As an authorized Reinke dealer, we provide these industry-leading products to deliver the performance you desire. Reinke focuses on the details to create high-strength, high-performance parts that endure. Our team is known as a premier dealer of these high-end components.
  • Old, new and future: Do you have an existing system that needs maintenance? Would you like to install a new system and start off right by providing ongoing maintenance? Whether old or new, the right maintenance can ensure your system functions properly well into the future. Partnering with your local irrigation system company in Texas for parts and service is the right move to provide the right maintenance for your system.

Work with a Name You Can Trust

Looking for reliability and personalized service? Contact your local irrigation system company in Texas. At B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc., we offer complete system design, water well service and pump service. We sell quality products at fair and competitive prices. Our team strives to educate our clients on how to make pumps and motors last longer and work more efficiently.

Contact us today to discover what we can offer you.

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