Why Are Reinke Products 100 Percent Certified?

November 14, 2019

Irrigation systems are no small investment. They are crucial to the success of your operations and involve significant financial backing. That’s why Reinke products in Texas are 100 percent certified.

What does this mean, and why does Reinke do it? Products that are Reinke certified in Texas give you the guarantee that you are receiving industry-leading products and services that will provide an incredible return on your investment. It’s the company’s commitment to its customers. Here’s what that looks like.

Higher standards

Reinke products in Texas aren’t your typical components for irrigation. The company holds itself to a higher standard. Applying innovative technology and designs, it uses the best materials available to create its products. This commitment to quality is threaded throughout its manufacturing, delivery and services.

In short, any time you buy Reinke products in Texas, you can rest assured they are 100 percent Reinke certified. This applies to minor components and entire systems. This certification means that the company stands behind its products. From engineering to manufacturing and beyond, you can be confident in the quality of Reinke’s services.


Part of this certification is an industry-leading warranty. Reinke doesn’t simply sell you a product and leave you on your own to hope that it lasts. The company stands behind its products, offering the best irrigation warranties available on the market.

Engineering and design

To create Reinke certified products in Texas, the company remains at the cutting edge of innovation. Reinke has led the industry in introducing new designs and products, including GPS guidance components. Its design team includes highly trained professionals who specialize in computer programming, electronics and structural design. Its field testing and spec procedures result in quality products you can depend on year after year.


Reinke’s web-based applications give its customers precise control over their irrigation systems. The systems can be operated with any smart device and feature field-sensing devices, reporting and sharing options. Reinke makes it possible to manage irrigation from anywhere, any time.


Reinke products in Texas are made from high-quality raw materials provided by industry-leading vendors. The company uses steel that is 50 percent stronger than standard materials. It manufactures product options made of aluminum, galvanized steel, chromium nickel and stainless steel to provide a comprehensive line of Reinke products in Texas for all irrigation needs.

Parts and service

The Reinke certified approach in Texas extends to Reinke dealerships. As the company’s service arm, these centers are equipped with the tools and resources to deliver top-level results for its customers.

Reinke’s dealers are trained at the company’s manufacturing facility and receive ongoing training through the Reinke Learning Management System. They must pass a certification test and complete courses annually to remain certified.

Global leader

Reinke products are helping generate food supplies for the world. The company doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. 100 percent Reinke certified in Texas means the company takes ownership of its role in the industry and provides solutions that make farming easier for growers around the globe.

Learn more

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