Benefits of Single-Leg Tower Design

February 14, 2020

The options that exist on the irrigation products market are diverse and multi-faceted. Their functions vary widely and can mean different things to different customers. Our team can take you through what your potential needs might be, as this can help you understand more of what you’re looking for and what choices you could be considering. B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. is a leader in the industry, and we know irrigation inside and out.
One of the most intriguing products we work with are Reinke single-leg towers in Texas, and their benefits are becoming clear to more and more customers.

What is a single-leg tower?

A Reinke single-leg tower in Texas is, simply put, a pivot that has just one single piece of steel connecting the pipe to the wheelbase. Double-angle leg towers instead have two metal pieces that connect the wheelbase to the top of the tower, but the single-leg just has the one. Reinke’s founder Richard Reinke created the concept of the single-leg tower, and its development meant that high-strength steel, made of a low alloy, could be used. This allowed for lower weights, which reduced strain on systems and created a sturdier and more reliable sense of structural integrity.

Why are they better?

A Reinke single-leg tower is going to give you a number of benefits if you choose to use one for your irrigation needs. First of all, their weight is an asset. By having just one leg and using superior lightweight materials on a regular basis, Reinke eliminated 600 pounds of weight that could wreak havoc on customers’ soil. Additionally, the remaining weight is distributed in a far superior way. Galvanized stiffeners spread the pounds around the entire span, not just the water pipe. This adds years to the life of the water pipe and gives you the chance to not worry so much about repairs and maintenance.

A better pivot

Reinke systems are better for all sizes of crops, helping out farmers that grow a number of crops and need a universal solution to help irrigate all of them without needing to change out cumbersome equipment. Reinke single-leg towers in Texas have a tower leg with less surface area, which equals less obstruction of the distribution of the water that your crops need.

Additionally, the pivot can pass through crops of all sizes with ease as a result. Taller crops and shorter crops can all be easily serviced with this single irrigation system, making it a great choice for the farmer looking for a product that can suit all of their needs in one convenient package.

Working with irrigation systems does not have to be a cumbersome experience for our customers. A solution like a Reinke single-leg tower might be just what the doctor ordered to fit all of your watering needs. Its diversity of uses and its masterful design make it a top choice for our customers. It is a reliable, well-made design that can keep your crops in top shape for decades to come. Contact B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. to learn more about this and other Reinke products!

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