Why Measure Soil Moisture or Plant Water Status?

September 28, 2020

Smart irrigation in Texas always involves measuring soil moisture or plant water status. These measurements are crucial to farm irrigation systems in Texas. They allow irrigation to be more efficient and effective. Keeping abreast of these measurements reduces water waste and increases the success of the irrigation system.

To measure soil moisture or plant water status, farmers typically use one of three methods. These methods offer a healthy balance between accuracy and feasibility.

Look and feel

As you might guess by the name, this method is based on examining the appearance and texture of the soil. To perform this test, simply extract a soil sample using a soil auger, a soil probe or simply digging by hand up to 24 inches deep, or to the bottom of your root zone. Repeat this test regularly to note the moisture of the soil.


This tool is made of several components that work together to measure the force needed to remove water from the soil. This informs the farmer how difficult it will be for crops to access the moisture. The tensiometer consists of a scaling cup, a vacuum gauge and a tube with a ceramic tip.

To use the tensiometer, simply fill the tube with water and insert it into the ground. As the soil around the tensiometer dries, water exits the tube. The gauge calibrates and offers a reading once an equilibrium of water flow occurs. The reading reflects the suction pressure. The lower the reading, the wetter the soil.

Moisture block

A moisture block is a one-inch block of gypsum that is attached to a measuring meter by a wire. The device measures the electrical resistance between the wires in the block. As water from the soil saturates the gypsum, electrical flow increases. Therefore, a high reading on a moisture block indicates that the soil is moist.

How irrigation systems help

Smart irrigation in Texas keeps tabs on your moisture levels and maintains a healthy water supply for your property. This is essential to a successful harvest each year. Top farm irrigation systems in Texas include in-field sensing devices that monitor and collect underground soil moisture data. Farmers can use this information to properly allocate irrigation resources to each area of their property as needed.

Partnering with irrigation professionals to make the best use of moisture measuring can prove to be a game-changer for farmers. A local expert in smart irrigation in Texas can ensure the property is properly irrigated each season for optimal results.

Measure for success

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