Navigator GPS Offers Precision Accuracy!

October 6, 2020

If you’re reviewing pump irrigation sales and service in Texas to find a better solution, Reinke’s Navigator series may offer just what you seek. It offers this precision by integrating GPS controls to watering systems to ensure fields receive the attention they require. This advanced system works well if you require accurate timing and application and need a system that works well with difficult-to-cover acreage. Here is how this technology works and what it offers.

How it works

Many irrigation systems are clunky operations involving underground cables or wires, complex tuning and challenging operation. Even after putting in the effort of making it all just right, you may still find shortcomings in water coverage. This is especially true if your acreage is challenging for most systems.

The Navigator GPS systems use satellite guidance technology. GPS controls mounted on the end towers track the exact position of the center pivot’s end tower. This ensures accurate spray control in your field. It collects data and transmits through existing AC wires to interface with a Reinke RAMS panel. That feature allows you to program spray and auto stop/reverse settings. You can also set a PAC II timer when needed.

You also have a guidance option for lateral move systems. This uses surveyor-grade GPS antennas and receivers to guide the lateral move through your acreage. It will ensure coverage with precision in both forward and reverse, and you will no longer have to rely on buried wire, furrow or cable guidance. It’s also easy to change perimeter settings. In some cases, one stationary receiver can operate multiple systems, which will reduce your installation costs.

You also have the option for swing arm corner systems. Those use survey or grade equipment and are recommended if your acreage is difficult to cover. Like other Navigator GPS systems, this one also eliminates the need for buried wire guidance and all the issues attributed to it.

Why Reinke?

Reinke has been an innovative manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems since 1954. It was the first to create mechanized irrigation technology, and it remains a leader in this industry. Headquartered in Deshler, NE, it’s an American company that continues to be a leader in irrigation systems in the U.S. and Canada.

Reinke is known for using high-strength materials and offering many combinations of options. There is flexibility in water pipes and pivot designs to accommodate many layouts, even acreage that is difficult to handle with other irrigation systems. Besides satellite guidance systems, you can also choose systems that can be regulated from your mobile device or even over OnTrac Radio. If you want to learn more about Reinke options, visit a knowledgeable Reinke dealer.

B&M Pump Irrigation Sales & Service, Inc. is a leader in pump irrigation sales and service in Texas. We are an authorized Reinke dealer and are prepared to show you the best solutions offered by this brand. Contact us today to learn more about Reinke products and how they can help your operation.

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