Irrigation System Winterization

October 24, 2022

Winterization is a process necessary for maintaining and preserving your irrigation system. It’s essential to perform the tasks related to winterization in the fall before the cold season hits. It may not be wise to do the task yourself because of its complexity and the high chance that something could go wrong and damage the unit. However, here’s some information about irrigation system winterization and what must be done. 

What Is winterization?

Irrigation system winterization is when you remove all the water from the unit. You may have already drained your irrigation system of water, but you have to get every last drop of water removed from it. Anything left in any part of the mechanism can freeze and ruin its intricate parts. 

There are typically three methods of emptying the irrigation system: manual release, auto release, and blowout. Blowout is the most commonly used method for clearing out the irrigation unit as quickly and effectively as possible. Thus, we’ll discuss what happens during that process. 

The first move to make if you are going to do the work yourself is to locate and gather the appropriate equipment. You will need an air compressor to purge the irrigation machinery of all the water. Fortunately, one may be available through an equipment rental company if you cannot afford to purchase one outright. Additionally, you’ll need to wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from any debris that gets dislodged during the process.  

You must first cut off the water supply to blow out the system. Next, you’ll need to disarm any timers you have set on the irrigation system. Once that’s done, you’ll need to attach the air compressor to the device using the appropriate hoses, coupler, or other equipment.

Blow out the water in zones or small sections at a time and start in the zone the farthest distance from the main line for the best results. Each zone must be blown out until you no longer see any water escaping the system. However, you must stop blowing the air through the unit once you determine that it’s completely dry. Blowing dry air through a dry system can cause damage, and you don’t want to do that. Thus, it might be smart to involve someone with experience because that person will know the right time to stop the process.

The minutes it takes to complete the blowout can vary. Therefore, your specific time would depend on the size of your yard and system. The process usually takes about three minutes per zone. The last step is disconnecting the compressor and ridding it of all air once you feel that you have completed the job. 

You’re now aware of how to preserve irrigation systems. Winterization services are best performed by professionals who can guarantee their work and give you a little peace of mind about your system’s safety. Some states require you to have the work done by an expert, so it’s best to contact a provider and gather information before starting.

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